DURAN® Micro Filter Candle without tube

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DURAN® Micro Filter Candle, Porosity 2
One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is suitable for the separation or purification of different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. Due to their size, microfilter candles are used for the filtration of very small quantities. This filtration is possible from a liquid or a carrier gas.
Features and Benefits:
  • Without tube
  • Micro filter candle without tube can be used as a filter to separate the smallest amount of solids from the filter surface

Application: Clarification filtration, Extraction of clear filtrate (not the filtrand), Separation of solids from carrier gas, Filtration at reduced pressure, Qualitative inorganic analysis and preparative chemistry, Filtering
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Reg. Trademark: DURAN®
Malzeme: Borosilikat Cam 3.3
Sterilite: No
EAN kodu: 4032051036772