Automatic Colour Measurement/Transmission PFXi-880/CIE

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Base unit
[CIE values, spectral data]

-Integrated RCMSi technology for remote calibration
-Automatic and objective colour measurement
-Uniform data according to international standards
-Very robust, chemical-resistant steel construction
-Easy maintenance with removable measuring chamber
-Suitable for hot samples with high melting points
-Large and flexible range of colour scales
-Remote upgrade possible
-Calculation and description of the "colour deviation" status
-Supplied with colour control software for data analysis
-Incl. conformance standard, cuvettes and spare bulb
-Data output according to good laboratory practice, incl. date, time, sample ID and user ID
-Fits many different sample cuvettes and test tubes
-Comprehensive accessories (e.g. thermal printer)
-153 mm (6") measuring chamber guarantees compliance with AOCS, ISO and ASTM standards
-Optional integrated heater